Milam Group International Medical Division is a leading distributor of branded innovative medical products and consumables to healthcare industry in Australia and the Oceania region.

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HANARO STENT manufactured M.I. Tech
Since established in 1991, M.I Tech has been a pioneer of GI stents in South Korea and worldwide. They have achieved and developed the innovative brand, HANAROSTENT. As a result, M.I Tech is one of the leading manufacturers of GI stents, all hand made using the hook and cross method which is ideal for patient conformity and reduced shortening. M.I Tech exports to more than 50 countries in the world and is renowned as a market leader in many countries. M.I.Tech has been developing their own unique non-vascular stent, HANAROSTENT®, to improve the quality of life for patients. By using the years of our accumulated experience and maintaining the global standard, ISO 13485:2016, M.I Tech satisfies the high demands in the interventional medical field.

Activessels combined Ultrasound and Electrical field stimulation (CUSEFS) algorithm combines the two modalities and modulates them both individually and in combination during treatment period. The result of this unique activity alters the overall effect on the cellular structures and also modifies the directions of cellular and subcellular aggregation.

A proven effect of ultrasound is to stimulate fibroblasts to create collagen and also lay the new collagen in a more ordered pattern, resulting in a better weave for Epitheliasation. Electrostimulation is known to pull taut the fibroblasts and resultant collagen, yielding a stronger weave. The end result of using the two technologies is more ordered and tighter collagen weave. ActiVessel is the only technology that solves this penetration problem.